The aerial research undertaken by the Marine Mapping group focuses on understanding the relationships between abiotic and biotic processes in coastal environments, and their impact on the patterns of distribution and abundance of sessile and mobile marine organisms.


To undertake this research, we have the latest advances in aerial exploration tools at our disposal, including; a fleet of sub-2kg multirotors, fixed-wing UAVs for greater spatial-scales, precise spatial positioning systems (RTKGPS), and thermal and multispectral sensors. 


These tools, together with rapid advances in marine remote sensing data, are enabling Deakin Marine Mapping to close this knowledge gap and provide an opportunity to gain an understanding of the mechanisms by which spatial patterns influence key ecological processes.


Research projects include:

  • sediment dynamics

  • habitat mapping

  • coastal ecology drones

  • quantitative spatial ecology

  • physical surrogacy

  • sea level and shoreline change

  • remote sensing (including change detection and classification methods)

  • marine national park assessment


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