PhD Projects

Project: The influence of submarine headlands on upwelling and bentho-pelagic productivity in the Bonney Coast upwelling system 

We seek a highly motivated and independent PhD candidate to investigate the influence of submarine headlands on upwelling, bentho-pelagic productivity, and sedimentology in the Bonney Coast upwelling system. This project will build upon existing hydrodynamic data from the new IMOS mooring and CTD surveys by collecting complimentary benthic and pelagic biogeochemical data, and examining community productivity, trophic linkages, and food web dynamics. Outputs from the project will assist in the calibration and validation of hydrodynamic, biogeochemical and ecosystem models for the Bonney Coast, which will promote knowledge-based sustainable management of marine resources and assist industry to optimise harvest strategies and maximise profitability. In addition, new insights into the influence of the above processes on seafloor sediment composition will improve interpretation of the sedimentary rock record.


Fieldwork will be undertaken on routine mooring servicing voyages. Sediment and water samples will be processed and analysed to investigate variations in:

o Nutrient concentrations (NOx, NH4, PO4, Si)

o Microbes (Abundance of viruses, bacteria, picophytoplankton)

o Pigments (size fractionated >/<5µm, HPLC)

o Phytoplankton (standard taxonomic methods)

o Zooplankton (standard taxonomic methods)

o Suspended solids (PIM/POM/TSS)

o Carbonates (TCO2, TAlk)

o documentation of calcareous benthos (samples and seafloor imagery) at specific sites as related to

upwelling and downwelling


For more information please contact Daniel Ierodiaconou at