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Jaya Kelvin

PhD Candidate


Postgraduate Research Scholarship- Deakin University, Australia (2018)

NF-POGO CofE Postgraduate Fellowship- Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany (2016)

BSc in Marine Science- Padjadjaran University, Indonesia (2015)

Adibakti Mina Bahari Award from Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia (2014)

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Research Scholarship (2013)


Biography & Research Interests


Jaya's PhD research is the coastal protection services provided by coastal ecosystems in Southeastern Australia

Jaya’s PhD thesis is to develop local valuations of wetland ecosystems services on coastal protection in southeastern Australia. His proposed research means to quantify the benefits people gain from natural systems, by evaluating the impacts of wetland ecosystems to attenuate the incoming waves generated by storms or typhoon, reduce the flooding impacts, and maintain shoreline elevation. He will use several approaches that include field observation and monitoring, numerical model, and physical model.

Supervisory team: A/Prof. Peter Macreadie, Dr. Emily Nicholson, A/Prof. Daniel Ierodiaconou, Dr. Paul Carnell, Dr. Clare Duncan

Funding: ARC Linkage grant & Deakin University

Research Gate:

Research Highlights

2008 - Researcher on NOAA's search for deepwater caves in Bermuda

2005 - 2014 - Processing supervisor at Seafloor Mapping Lab at California State University at Monterey Bay

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