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Oliver Dalby

Associate Research Fellow

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PhD Candidate, Deakin University, Australia, 2018-2022


MSc in Marine Environmental Management, University of York, UK, 2017 – 2018


BSc in Coastal Marine Biology, University of Hull, UK, 2014 – 2017

Research Interests

Oliver is a coastal marine biologist with an interest in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Ecology. Oliver’s research revolves around better integrating spatially relevant ecological information into seagrass restoration within Western Port, VIC, AUS, to improve restoration success. Specifically, Oliver has an interest in utilising machine learning and remotely sensed images to map benthic environments, predicting seagrass meadow connectivity via dispersal modelling, and modelling suitable areas for restoration based on environmental parameters. The research Oliver will output during his PhD will aid in the identification of suitable areas for restoration within Western Port to ensure that effort is not wasted in areas of lacklustre conditions.

Research Highlights

Tan, Y.M., Dalby, O., Kendrick, G.A., Statton, J., Sinclair, E.A., Fraser, M.W., Macreadie, P.I., Gillies, C.L., Coleman, R.A., Waycott, M. and Van Dijk, K.J., 2020. Seagrass restoration is possible: Insights and lessons from Australia and New Zealand. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, p.617.

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