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Congrats to Peter Porskamp for Winning the 2020 Victorian Marine and Coastal Award for Innovative

Peter Porskamp is a Ph.D. candidate in the Deakin Marine Mapping Group. He had worked at one of the leading habitat mapping labs in Canada before he joined the group. He brought new ideas and methods, enabling habitat mapping of large swathes of seafloor. Contributing innovatively to the habitat mapping of marine environment, Porskamp is awarded by the Victorian Marine and Coastal Council.

Image Courtesy: Peter Porskamp

Peter has lead a project to map the Bunurong Marine National Park uncovering extensive rhodolith beds. With this improved understanding of the habitat within the park, managers can target their monitoring and management efforts with increased confidence.

Peter’s research work has significantly contributed to the seafloor and habitat mapping of Victoria’s marine environment. He has become one of Victoria’s leading authorities on understanding and mapping Victoria’s nearshore habitats. And these advances in Victoria’s habitat mapping have been published in the international peer-reviewed journal Geoscience informing both national and international audiences.

The Victorian Marine and Coastal Awards 2020, are the first awards hosted by the Victorian Marine and Coastal Council (VMaCC) with the introduction of the Marine and Coastal Act 2018. The awards build on the history of the Victorian Coastal Awards, held since 2000, in celebrating the efforts and achievements of Victorians in protecting and enhancing coastal and marine environments

Congrats to Peter Porskamp and the DU Marine Mapping Group.

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