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DU Marine Mapping Group Members at the 2022 AMSA Conference

Deakin Marine Mapping Group members presented at the 2022 AMSA Conference – the Australian Marine Sciences Association's annual national conference.

Image credit: AMSA Victoria

The 2022 AMSA conference was held at the Pullman Cairns International from the 7 – 11th of August. "Change and Connections”, was the theme of the conference, emphasising important linkages among environmental, ecological and social systems at a time characterised by rapid change across all these areas.

Mary Young, a Research Fellow in the DU Marine Mapping Group, provided an overview of how seafloor mapping datasets collected for over a decade by the Marine Mapping Lab at Deakin University are being used to inform the management of Victoria’s marine and coastal environment.

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To read more on Mary's presentation, click here.


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