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Operational Protocols for the Use of Drones in Marine Animal Research

A new paper is just published in the Drones. The paper is entitled: " Operational Protocols for the Use of Drones in Marine Animal Research".

Raoult et al. (2021)

The use of drones to study marine animals shows promise for the examination of numerous aspects of their ecology, behaviour, health and movement patterns. However, the responses of some marine phyla to the presence of drones varies broadly, as do the general operational protocols used to study them. Inconsistent methodological approaches could lead to difficulties comparing studies and can call into question the repeatability of research. This review draws on current literature and researchers with a wealth of practical experience to outline the idiosyncrasies of studying various marine taxa with drones. We also outline current best practice for drone operation in marine environments based on the literature and our practical experience in the field. The protocols outlined herein will be of use to researchers interested in incorporating drones as a tool into their research on marine animals and will help form consistent approaches for drone-based studies in the future.

The publication is lead by Vincent Raoult (University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia), and our DU Marine Mapping Group members Blake M. Allan and Daniel Ierodiaconou contributed to the publication.

Congrats to Blake, Dan and the DU Marine Mapping Group!

To read the open access full article, click here.

Last edited on the April 07th, 2021.


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