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The DU Marine Mapping Group Members at the Coast to Coast Webinar Series

The Deakin Marine Mapping Group member Nicolas Pucino presented at the C2C#32 Coast2Coast Zoominar. The presentation is focused on the Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program.

Images courtesy: Dr Ana Vila-Concejo

Coastal monitoring is required to understand how shorelines have changed in the past, and to predict how they may behave in an uncertain future. Unlike many other jurisdictions, the state of Victoria, Australia, had not undergone regular coastal surveying prior to establishment of the Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program (VCMP) in 2018, as a collaboration between universities, including Deakin and the University of Melbourne, and the Victorian government. The program is now undertaking regular beach surveys at over 20 sites, combined with a statewide network of wave buoys, extensive bathymetric surveys and integrated numerical modelling. At the core of the program is a first-of-its-kind, Eureka prize winning, citizen science led, drone-based beach surveying program. Check out VCMP StoryMaps:

Nicolas Pucino, a Ph.D. candidate in the DU Marine Mapping Group, presented the results of the first year of Citizen Science UAV monitoring, now running for 3 years, focusing on how we combined advanced geostatistical analysis and various machine learning approaches to effectively monitor sediment-only dynamics in 10 sandy beaches across Victoria.

To read the details of the seminar , click here.

Last edited on the September 13th, 2021.


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