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Dr. Yakup Niyazi

PhD Candidate


2019- 2021: PhD, Deakin University, Australia
2018-2019: Research assistant, University of Haifa, Israel
2015-2018: Master of Marine Geosciences, University of Haifa, Israel
2008-2012: Bachelor in Geological Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China


Biography & Research Interests


Seismic stratigraphic and geomorphological interpretation of sedimentary basin is Yakup’s interest. The variation of sedimentation patterns in the basins are mainly expressed by the alternation of stratigraphy and geomorphology of the subsurface, which provides crucial information to topics related to hydrocarbon exploration, geohazard management and benthic habitat mapping. Yakup will use geophysical methods to interpret the formation and alteration of the buried geomorphology in the context of tectonostratigraphic framework. 

Yakup has experience in interpreting of geophysical datasets, especially in high resolution seismic reflection data, with solid background in geology. After he graduated from the China University of Petroleum (Beijing), he joined a local oilfield company, as most of his classmates did, and worked as a field technician. Then he moved to Haifa, Israel to learn Marine Geosciences and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Haifa. During his Master, he used seismic and wire-log data to identify, describe and interpret the geomorphology of submarine channels and their relation to the local and regional environmental changes. Results of his research were published in peer review Journal and presented in international conferences. 
At Deakin, he will collaborate with the Geological Survey of Victoria, using different approaches to understand the shelf sedimentary processes and geomorphological evolution of the continental Otway Basin, offshore Victoria and its link to paleoenvironmental conditions and hydrocarbon exploration. His research also will help us to improve our understanding of the “deeper” reasons for the variation of the present day marine habitat morphologies. 



Carlos Walter M. Campos Memorial Award for Best International Student Paper at the 2018 International Convention and Exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, 2018. 

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